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Monday, August 8, 2011

I'm Just One Beggar Trying to Show Another One Where the Bread is...

I became a Christian as a teenager, finding the discovery of Jesus to be that thing I felt was missing--filling me with a sense of purpose, hope and acceptance that I didn't even know was possible.

 It wasn't until I was almost 30 though, when my husband and I had our first child,  that I became more committed to learning about what it meant to be a follower of Christ.  Having a child, I suppose, motivated me to consider the value of my beliefs.   I began to actively study the bible, attend church, and to get to know people who lived their lives in ways that demonstrated real faith in God.

Through the years, I grew more and more in a freedom of living my life without fear, amidst  many personal and family struggles. Despite them, and partially because of the added faith I gained in walking through them, I believed naively that my relationship with Christ was so deep, that my faith was strong enough to withstand anything that might come my way!

When severe pain entered my life, in 2005, I found out how wrong I was.  

I realized that I was as immature as a two year-old, 
who because she can walk, believes she can run.  
So that when she tries to do so, she falls down 
"splat" right onto the pavement.        

Pain showed me that my faith is only as strong as my willingness to give my life's overseeing up to God, in an attitude of confidence and trust.  Pain can make life pretty scary at times, so I have ample opportunities to test my confidence and trust.  When I refuse to become afraid, my faith grows.

I'm not great at it, I'll admit.  I'm a stubbornly independent woman by nature, who likes to be in control.  This journey for me is most often two steps forward and one step back.  It's a gritty journey, and a humbling one.

My faith tells me to simply be one beggar trying to tell another one where the bread is.  God has let me know that my job is to bring suffering into the open--and talking about it unashamedly and always with full assurance that Jesus lived and died so that we need never fear that pain has victory over life.

I hope you will visit my blog often, beggars, united.

Eat and be satisfied.

I believe in one Holy God, creator of the universe, who cares about us deeply, and is able to do anything at anytime.  I believe, because of our desire to make ourselves our own gods, we destroyed our once perfect relationship with Him.  Yet, out of his love and mercy He forgave us through the provision of a sacrifice--His son Jesus-- who willingly lived and died to point the way back to God.

For we who will give up on our crazy notions that we must be the ones who are in charge of our destinies, and accept Jesus as our savior, we are given lives of far greater value than one we could ever create for ourselves.  

We, as well,  need no longer fear death and suffering; for we have the promise of eternity with God. We are helped here as well, guided by the Holy Spirit, and connected with others who help us along our way. I also believe in the Holy Bible, as the full and final Word of God designed to lead,  help, inspire, and challenge us in our life journeys towards fulfilling God's good plans for us.  

Here are some scriptures that might help you understand my beliefs a bit better.  Also, please read my post, "Jesus the Light" for greater explanation!

 Romans 5:8-9, John 3:14-16, Acts 4:12, 
Acts 2:37-38,  Ephesians 2: 8-10,Titus 2:11

Blessings, fellow sojourner--



  1. Thank you for this! Jane

  2. And you have proven to be a greater swimmer regardless of the size of the waves.
    Love ya

  3. Jane, I wish you well in your spiritual journey, wherever it is taking you--please visit again! Judi

    Warren, my amazing husband...I may swim well, but that is because you are my life preserver! Much love, always! Judi

  4. I appreciate your wisdom and especially your honesty as you reach out to others. It is very helpful and I am so proud to call you friend.


    PS I am not savvy on the different ways to post this comment so I just picked anonymous b/c I do understand THAT word. :)

  5. Mary-- I am proud to call you friend, too! I have missed communicating with you and hope this blog will be an encouragement to you and many others! Yes, commenting through "anonymous" is the way to go if you don't have a g-mail account--you did exactly what is right! Take care!