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Monday, September 26, 2011

Special Scripture for Those who Suffer

In the hours when pain seems to have closed around me like some kind of gigantic set of jaws, digging and clawing its way through my face and emotions,  I often find comfort in the Psalms of King David, who was also familiar with suffering.  King David suffered greatly from tragedies of his own and others’ making, and modeled for us how our Lord is the only one who can rescue us from the depths of woe.

Here’s a scripture perfect for those of us who know pain: 

Find rest, oh my soul, in God alone;
My hope comes from Him.
He alone is my rock and my salvation.
He is my fortress,
I will not be shaken. 
Psalm 62:5 – 6 (Amplified Version)

It is not enough, however, for me to read the verse in order to gain comfort from it, even if I read it several times.  Instead, I need to read it, breaking it down and focusing on key words and their meanings.  I want to demonstrate this to you, hoping to help you gain better comfort and direction from scripture: 

"FIND"... (This implies that I can find rest if I seek it.)
“…REST…” (“rest” is what I often really need; a sense of peace; a separation from the pain.)
“…Oh my  SOUL…” (The soul represents the seat of our emotions, the “heart” of our selves.  This is where we need the rest. )
“…in GOD alone;”  (No one or nothing else can truly provide what we need to rest from our pain.)

“My HOPE…” (Everything I long for.)
“…comes FROM him. “ (I receive it from him; it is not in me.  If I really want it, I must seek it from the source who gives it…God.)

“He alone is my ROCK…” (When I think of someone being a  “rock of a person”  I think of someone being steadfast, unshakeable, steady, and strong.  These attributes in our Father in Heaven are infinitely more so…I am imbued with strength and peace when I truly believe this.)
“…and my SALVATION.”  (This pain does not have the final say in my life; I am saved by grace and someday, either in this world, or in Heaven, I will be free from it!)

“He is my FORTRESS,”  (Despite the pain I bear, I cannot imagine how much worse it could be, were I not protected by Him.  I can also testify to horrific times of pain when He has allowed me to feel set apart from it. I will write about this some time, hoping you will not believe I am too weird!)
“I will not be SHAKEN.”  (Shaken here, means shaken loose from His hold.  He will never forsake me, and I can be confident of this forever.)

I like to write scriptures like this onto note cards that I post around my house, set on my car’s dashboard, or keep in my purse, to use whenever I might need to “power up” in the midst of a difficult pain period of emotional distress. 

Until next time, I am praying for you 
to find comfort and rest in God--


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