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Friday, December 16, 2011

"Don't forget Jesus!"

I am writing this in a level of pain that would have sent me screaming to my bed six years ago. This increase of pain that started the day after Thanksgiving, slowing a bit last week, has rebounded double time this week.  It's bearable when I wake up each morning, and if I am very, very careful about not doing much in the day,  the severity of it doesn't hit me until about 3  p.m.  Then, what feels like a school of jellyfish begin to float across my face and head, stinging and burning me for hours. 

It's hard to believe, as much pain as I have experienced over these years, that this is actually a NEW pain sensation for me! I wonder at the complexity of our Maker.

Although fear is the common response to pain, these six plus years of journeying with it have taught me how trust is the only response that makes a difference.  God always provides a way through the pain.  Right now, as I write this, and the jellies are stinging, He has made me aware of how lucky I am.  I am writing on my laptop as I sit in a cozy chair before my turned-on gas fireplace.  Our cat, “Angel” is curled up beside me, and our dog “Lacy” is asleep at my feet--they always seem to know when I am hurting the most and appear to give me quiet companionship.  I have a cup of coffee on the end table, and two peppermint patties.  (My favorite candy of all time, BTW.)  Our Christmas tree is several feet away, lights blinking off and on cheerfully, and my I-Phone is playing “Jim Brickman Holiday” on my Pandora app. Rain is falling in gentle “tap--taps” on the skylights in the adjoining room. 

My glass is half full, rather than half-empty.  I don’t see it this way every moment, or even every day, but I am able to do so overall.  Because of Christ who indwells me, pain does not win.  

Because my brain is clouded, I will not write more.  However, I am leaving you with a story I wrote a few years ago about a happening at our home during Christmas-time.  I hope it reminds you of the glory of Christmas, regardless of whatever struggles you may be facing. 

“Don’t Forget Jesus!”

Like many people, we have a manger scene that we display in our family room at Christmas time.  When our daughter, Katie, was five years old, all alight with the excitement of Christmas, she asked me if she could help me get the scene ready.  Together, we set up the wooden background and manger, and then we unwrapped the ceramic figurines from their tissue-paper cocoons.  Thinking we had unwrapped all of them, I grabbed a trashcan and we started to gather up the bits and pieces of left-over paper.   Amidst the strewn paper, Katie found a hard lump, and got down on her knees for a closer look.  When she did, she found it was another "cocoon" and opened it to discover it was the manger scene’s baby Jesus.  Kneeling, her blue eyes wide with surprise, she gasped and said, “Mommy! Don’t forget Jesus!”

“Oh, my,” I replied, as she looked down at the figurine, her sweet face, soft, and red-cheeked.  Katie cupped it in her hands as carefully and gently as she had held a baby duckling at the fair a few months earlier under my watchful eye.  Without saying a word, she slowly stood up, eyes never leaving the little baby Jesus, and walked over to the manger scene, where she placed it gently into the little manger. 

Once she was satisfied that baby Jesus was safely where he belonged, she turned around, resolutely placing her hands on her hips, as she said to me, “We can’t forget Jesus. After all, he’s the star.”

Don’t forget Jesus.  He surely has not forgotten you.

Until next time,



  1. What a beautiful and encouraging blog, Judi. I can identify so easily with your message. Jesus is our hope in the midst of the storms of life. He will see us through!

  2. Yes, he, who made the way for forgiveness will always see us through! My best to you, Ginigirl!