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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's Good to Take a Break

I've been taking a much-needed break, and it's good to be writing a post again.  -this journey is hard!  I need to shake things up now and then--to focus my energies elsewhere--in order to stay as well as I can be for long haul. 

Let me tell you what I’ve been up to:

I wrote a magazine article that had nothing to do with pain  It's about how praying bible verses adds power to your prayers.  I hope you will read it at the link below: 

Scripture-Based Praying: How to Make a Real Connection with God in Prayer

Scripture-Based Praying: How to Make a Real Connection with God in Prayer
 July 15, 2012 Comments Off
By Judi S. Coleman   When asked, many Christians agree that praying should be one of their top priorities; however, many will admit they don’t pray with consistency. Most confess one of the main reasons they do not pray more ... Read More »
My box of cards
I learned more about living from my Dad.  April 19th, marked the seventh anniversary of my dad's "graduation" to Heaven.  Yet, he still has things to teach me.  I came across a box full of sympathy cards at my mom’s house many months ago, so I took it home so I could reflect upon the cards on this anniversary date.  My dad was only a Christ-follower for the last few years of his life. To tell you the truth, I had pretty much given up on him; thankfully, Christ had not!  Dad turned over his life's driver's seat when he was 69, developed terminal cancer two and a half years later, and died just over two years after that.   During that brief time, however, Dad’s faith's fire grew strong and contagious. As I read the sympathy cards, I found personal notes testifying to my dad's faith:  people wrote about his bear hugs and encouragement, his funny stories, his constant prayers, and his amazing sense of peace in the midst of suffering.   
                     Dad still teaches me that:

        - I must never think that it's too late for someone to change.
       -  no matter how bad I feel, others probably feel worse and need to be encouraged.
·                  -  a story is a good way to cheer people up (and it's okay to embellish it just a bit!).
·                   -     trusting God no matter how things appear, is the only way to live.  

Mirror painted for my foyer
Drawing from 2009
A kinda' crazy necklace and earrings to match!
I created.  During this month I enjoyed the artsy side of me. I painted, did some jewelry work, and worked with home-made clay.    I also came across some of my old drawings and was shocked when I saw they were dated three years ago because I have done little drawing since then!  Yet, when I am drawing or doing other creative art, I believe I am my “best self”.  I experience my most inner sense of peace and restfulness-- even pain leaves the screen of my attention for a while. In art, I sense a special bond to God, the Creator.  Sadly, though, I haven't given myself permission to take the time/spend the money to become trained in a way that lets me mature in my ability. This month I asked God to forgive me for what I see as living outside of his desire for me as I want to honor him better in this regard.

4 inch high beacon
I found life amidst decay.  When taking a walk on a trail in a state park a couple of weeks ago, my enjoyment nose-dived when I saw the terrible toll long term drought has taken on our priceless Blue Ridge Mountains. Streams that should have been teaming with fish and turtles had long-since dried up, and evergreens all around me were dead or dying.  When the woods should have been their most lush, instead, I found pale and broken plants, little signs of wildlife, and dust sitting like a shroud over everything.  Wondering how our mountains could survive this, I walked on.  Suddenly, my eye caught a flash of purple only a few inches high. It was a a wild mountain iris!  There it was,  blooming like a beacon of hope against the death and decay.  “The maker is still in control,.  The rains will come at His command," it seemed to call out. "I'm not giving up!" Walking on, I found other small clumps of irises raising their purple heads above the dusty forest floor. I will remember these brave irises in my own seasons of drought.

I discovered that I am, again a Mom-to-be! .....Through marriage that is!)  Our middle son  proposed to his girlfriend, a precious young woman, whom we already love like a daughter.
So, that’s it.  It’s good to be shaken up now and then.  
You might want to consider allowing a bit of shaking in your life!. 

I’ll leave you with a photo of our family, taken at Easter.  Not too shabby a bunch, huh?  We have our “stuff” just like every other family, however, God is our center, and love leads our ways.  

Until Next Time,



  1. Oh, sweet friend. I had been so worried about you, but I understand seasons of silence having so recently endured my own. I was not nearly as productive as you! BRCWC will not be the same with out you. If threatening to wear 'the skirt' and have photos made would get you and your cohort there, I'd do it in a skinny minute. If it still fit. Sigh. Love you long and strong. I do.

    1. Oh, you are too funny! You had better not have that skirt still hanging in your closet, GF! Have a great time--maybe next year!

  2. Hi Judi! What a beautiful post! You continue to amaze me with your words of wisdom and encouragement. I loved your Dad as much as my own father and he really did give wonderful bear hugs! I pray that they are walking together and cheering us all on. What a wonderful family picture in a perfect setting. Please be sure to share your article when it comes out. Love you!

  3. What a nice thought about our dads...I love to picture that! Yes, the family is growing-I always wanted more children! I love getting them via marriage! I'm not sure how wise I am; more like I recognize my messed-up-self since I've had this pain, so it forces me to turn things over to God maybe? I don't know.

  4. ..oops..published that before I finished it... Anyway, thanks for your kind comments, cousin! Blessings to you and your family!

  5. Judi-
    HELLLOOOO from Texas!! Great to see you back-and so thankful you took this precious time for YOU-so needed for all of us to do now and then. The photo you took of the flower blooming-did that one hit HOME or what? These grow here on our farm, probably planted back in 1917 by the family who built the original home that stands next to our home, and we call it our Guesthouse. No more B&B-just became too much and it seems to mean more to us-because we are able to share it with friends, giving them a chance to feel this "wonderful spirit" that surrounds the house.

    You have a BEAUTIFUL FAMILY-with you right there-watching over them and shining out as the gorgeous woman that you are! This will indeed be a blessed Mom's day for you!!

    I loved what you said at the end of your post-"Turning things over to God" and I agree with you, but its so amazing with the HUMAN aspect of us as I can give an issue to God-then before I know it-there I am-back in this imaginary Pull & Tug process.
    Silly me-I am the ONLY one pulling!

    As this Mothers Day weekend gets closer- I find myself thinking-"Would God be angry with me if I just skipped Church-where they always have Moms come up to get a flower?"

    Some issues in life-no matter how HARD we try to out-run them, they are right beside us-and we can either let it chew us up, or through the loving Mercy of God-hand it over to HIM and let go!

    Loved your comments Judi. You are in my daily prayers and thoughts. Martha

    1. Martha, I think you and Matt should go out for a nice breakfast or something on Mother's Day instead of going to church. God certainly understands!!! Don't put yourself through that...

    2. I am with Diane on this! I am kind of surprised to hear your church still does that actually. Go to brunch and toast your mothering ministry and nurturing self! Wish we could go with you! Kind of reminds me how a single friend of mine calls Valentine's Day "National Single Awareness Day"! Thanks for all the kind words and for telling us about your bearded irises.

  6. We missed you, Judi!

    I commented this morning, but obviously, it didn't go through.

    I'm so happy for you that you had time away to tap into your other gifts! What a blessing!

    Congratulations on being a mom again! WAHOO!

    And thank you for sharing about your precious Dad. I'm so glad you have wonderful memories!

    And I love the family photo! You are blessed!

  7. It's good to be back, but I haven't caught up with yours, Martha's and others' sites and all my e-mails etc! Want to! Have missed you!