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Monday, July 16, 2012

How to Prayer with More Power

I hope you will read the article I wrote in this week's "Lookout Magazine".  It's about how reading bible verses during prayer will add power to your relationship with God.

Here's the Link: 

Scripture-Based Praying: How to Make a Real Connection with God in Prayer

Scripture-Based Praying: How to Make a Real Connection with God in Prayer

By Judi S. Coleman   When asked, many Christians agree that praying should be one of their top priorities; however, many will admit they don’t pray with consistency. Most confess one of the main reasons they do not pray more ...... 

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  1. Great "how to" article, Judi! I'm sure it will be a catalyst for untold numbers of effectual prayers!

    I was very blessed in the church we attended in our beginning years of our Christ-centered walk because our pastors always prayed The Word. We learned to move mountains at the very beginning.

    This will be a blessing to many!

    1. Judi-
      Amazing things happen when we dare to speak those words, say the prayers with our hearts and let God do the rest!

      Congratulations on your article being published. Sounds like I hear "the opening of another door" provided for you by God!


    2. You are both so kind!! Sorry that it's taken me so long to reply--have been away and unable to do much accessing of the computer.

      We went to a quiet lake for a few days...all our grown kids and their family/special ones came. I left my article out for all to see and one by one they said, "I'll have to read that before I leave." Do you think anyone did? Or my husband? Nada.


    3. I know how that feels. When my oldest son graduated HS and Alece had her 16th birthday - all within a week of each other - I surprised them with a handwritten book especially for them. Neither read it, nor my husband. Michael told me he doesn't even know where it is.


      I know how you feel. Just have to trust, one day...

      ONE DAY, they will read.

      I'm glad you got away for a few days! I hope it was a blessing.

  2. How do I find this article in the magazine link given. Please help.
    In GOD's Love,

  3. Did you double click the link above? It should have taken you there. However, below is the full address. Thanks for asking!