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Friday, August 3, 2012

Time for Some Comic Relief!

Whew…looking over my posts, it’s past time for some comic relief!


So here are some photos I’ve taken during the past few months.

I hope they will add a smile to your day regardless of

 whatever else may be causing you pain or distress!

I came upon this when I was in St. Louis. Looks like these guys are standing

in some kind of hypnotic trance, or perhaps blind allegiance.

I've seen people walking out of Starbucks looking like this...

  particularly those young professionals who've

 added a triple shot to their venti!

You may have to look closely to read the words on the glass-

The door reads "Brain Balance Achievement Center".

Try to read the  "Center Hours" to the left of the door.

(My silhouette and reflection off the cars makes it difficult--sorry.)

It reads:

M-F 10 - 7

Closed Sun.

Maybe they think you'll achieve better brain balance--
whatever the heck that is--if you can guess  
whether they are open or not on Saturdays? 


Another one from St. Louis.

I wanted to walk right in and say, "Where do I sign up?"


When I googled the organization, I read that ""Optimist International" exists to improve the lives of children by supporting things such as sponsoring youth athletic leagues, scholarship essay and speech contests and helping in local schools.  Good for them!

An albino squirrel has taken up residence in our back yard.  It is simply too ironic that this little creature has shown up.  Last fall,  my husband and I killed a squirrel  that got into our house, and the story has become part of our family legend.  So much so, that I gave my husband a white "squirrel angel" ornament to hang on our Christmas tree as a joke.   You can imagine then, just how absolutely funny it is to have this squirrel show up!  I’ve named him “Casper” of course, and you've got to admit, that he has a rather ethereal glow to him that isn't actually worldly.  As much as I despise squirrels for the destruction they cause to my plants and our home, I have  actually grown fond of him. Why, just this morning he was drinking from the bird fountain, and I didn't even cringe.


So, there you go. Life, in this season of “Level Orange" pain still has its share of laughter!  I hope and pray that you can see the laughter in yours as well, come what may!


A joyful heart is good medicine!  Proverbs 17:22

Today, I choose to laugh!

God bless you!



  1. Judi-
    HI!!! Well it took the Squirrels to stir a moment of unusual HUMOR in me but you did it by sharing your Story! We had Squirrels who decided it was Time to Join our Local Catholic Church! No Joke!

    We are sitting quietly, services had started, and I had a place off to the side, if our Priest needed anything (part of my 17 years of Church work) when out of the blue, a Squirrel runs across the floor, in front of everyone! They all stayed silent-but Martha- a Loud quick Scream flew from me and everyone was laughing-except the Priest!

    Wish this could have been the end of our squirrels, but one day as I opened the church doors to get lights and A/C turned on, a squirrel is running up and down the isle! My husband was with another man and they chased it OUT of the church, then "forgot" that many people drive right by our church as they both stood there, beating the squirrel into his heavenly submission!!

    Cars had stopped! My husband said "Well, this one has chewed up all the electrical wires-so he had to go!" It was the LAST squirrel beating and i guess the message circulated among all the squirrels and they probably headed on down the road to another house of worship!!!

    Thank you Judi--you gave me a true JOY moment!!!

    So good to read your words!!! Yes-humor helps..

  2. Love this story!! Yes, it is good to laugh!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Great photos, Judi and thanks for the light-hearted post. Made me smile.

    Loved your story, Martha.

    1. So glad you did, Martha. Sorry for my delay in response. Pain is the name of the game for me right now...

      Blessings to you!