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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Celebrate Christmas All the More Amidst Tragedy

 Just 9 days ago, December 14, a young man of just 20, overwhelmed with something evil and ugly, walked into a school and killed 20 little children and six adults at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newton, Connecticut. 

Are you feeling a bit guilty for celebrating Christmas amid the horror of this tragedy?

Don’t give into it.

Christmas is celebrated in the face of such evil.  The birth of Jesus occurred because of such horrors; Jesus himself was targeted for infant murder by King Herod.

Jesus, the Christ, lived on earth to spread the good news of love, change and forgiveness.  He showed people the way out of their evil natures, and into living  freely in love and service to one another, to the glory of God.   

Oh, that we lived like that!  How different would our world be if we knew our neighbors and risked doing whatever it took to walk alongside them in their difficult journeys of life, despite the time, energy, or resources it required?  What if we stopped worrying so much about our needs; and focused on others?  What if we showed the marginalized in our community--the ones that look and act different than us--that we want to know them and see life from their eyes? 

If only we weren’t afraid of not being taken care of...if we could but rest in the assurance that Jesus, the Christ, was born as proof that God “has our back”.  

Because He does, if we will but believe in Christ as our Savior.  He has a better plan for us.  

And, remember, Jesus loves the little children.  As much as their families grieve for them, and will always grieve for them--only God can provide the overpowering comfort they need--these precious ones are dancing and playing in Heaven with Jesus right now.

So celebrate Him.  Celebrate the babe born for love.

Merry Christmas,



  1. Judi, I'm sorry I didn't come to your site sooner. This is a beautiful, truth-filled post, to which I say, Amen!

    God bless you!