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Friday, December 14, 2012

Christmas Flash Mob

I like to preach about being careful not to become over-taxed, particularly at Christmas, I still have over-done it. God first, family second, ministry follows. 

You are daily in my prayers, however, as I pray for you according to the information "Blogger" provides to me:  by country, by referring sites and by keywords.  For example, when someone comes upon my site by googling such phrases as:  “Help for pain that makes me want to give up”, or, “Where is God in my pain?”  I am quickly brought to my knees.  I have been there.  I know the anguish, the fear, and the utter sense of alone-ness.  I quickly call out to God to please send someone or some thing to give just enough courage for the moment, and then to build a wellspring of hope in their/your hearts.  

I am always here for you.  Even though I do not post as often as I wish I could,  I do respond to my emails as soon as I receive them.  You can contact me through this site.  Please do.  You are never, ever alone.

Last year, I wrote a post around Christmas of last year entitled “Jesus the Light” that remains my most popular post.  It awes me that people around the world, in both free and non-free countries have read about the gift God provided to us through the baby of Jesus.  We celebrate Christmas because we needed a way to be reconciled to our creator, God.  He provided it through his son, Jesus Christ.  My gift to you this year is to send these two videos your way--watch them both to experience what God did.  As a reminder, to prepare your heart, or for the first time.  I pray they will enlarge your faith.

You will be so happy you took the time to watch the following “flash mob” of a whole different variety, if you check out the link below.  Imagine a busy shopping day in a mall when... 

(5 mins)

All it requires is three minutes to be reminded of what Jesus did; 
set to a touching and beautiful song: 

 “Mary Did You Know” by Clay Aiken 
3 mins longs, includes  scenes from Jesus Movie

It is with joy I thank you for reading my inconsistently 
written posts in my wayward, winding, sometimes woeful, 
but overall wonderful journey.

Until next time,


I decided to add some color to my yard this year...what do you think?


  1. Thanks!! It's gotten even wilder...have added several more ropes of light! You should come over and see it!

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