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Sunday, March 31, 2013

This is me...but Oh, Blessed Easter Morning makes me beautiful!

This is me.  Drawn by my 3 year old granddaughter.  It’s actually a more accurate picture of me than you might think.   My hair often sticks up at all angles, particularly when I’ve been rubbing my head over and over in pain.  My eyes get kinda wobbly, and my glasses are often askew on my head.  I’m not always smiling, but I appreciate that my sweet granddaughter doesn’t yet know how to draw anything but smiles on faces.  And, my arms are lifted, most likely in my proverbial, “Now, what was I doing?” gesture.  

I’m often, simply put, a hot mess.

I could get to feeling pretty awful about it.  Embarrassed, guilty, and ashamed.  

....and I do sometimes, when I forget that someone has my back.

That someone sees me as a bride on her wedding day.  I am his beloved.

All because He suffered pain beyond anything I have experienced and died for me, to reconcile me to God the Father.  My messes and my pain will not exceed His limits of care.  He is merciful and provides refreshment to cover all of them.  

I am His and He is mine forever because of this day.

               Oh, blessed Easter Morning!

         Until Next Time--


  1. Beautiful, Judi. Because He lives, we too shall live. There is no greater blessing than to be His! Even in the midst of our pain, we have much to celebrate!

  2. Replies
    1. Judi~~

      This posting has lifted me up from my own "mess" as I loved your description of your appearance as you compared it with the precious drawing done by your Granddaughter....

      I spent Easter laying on a heating pad and reflecting on the Suffering Jesus went through--all in the name of LOVE for us~~and recently it seems the pain battle has been more difficult. Two NEW pains arrived and taken me for a RIDE like I never dreamed could happen.

      Yet I do reach for HIS hand---knowing I am not alone in this journey. I choose to live~~~to celebrate life--no matter how messy I look.

      We are beautiful Judi---yes, without question, we are Beautiful. Made in HIS

      Bless you dear friend.