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Monday, June 3, 2013

If We Could See Inside Each Other's Hearts

Dancing with my son at his wedding
 reception in April!

Wow!  I’ve told you I’m consistenty inconsistent--however--I never intended to be away this long!  My apologies!
Many have contacted me to see if I'm okay.  I'm fine.  My pain is actually at an all-time low, though I hesitate to write this for fear of jinxing myself!  
I have so much to tell you, to catch you up...more about that soon.
For now, though, please, if you do nothing else, take a look at this short video. If you journey with pain and/or illness, you will relate to this greatly.  You'll want everyone to see it!
(Just place your cursor over the title below and double click-
it will take you to the video.)
                       If We Could See Inside Each Other's Hearts

I'll post again in a few days!


  1. Judi-
    OMG--you look absolutely gorgeous at your son's wedding. That one moment--Dancing with your Newly Married Son---a memory you will cherish forever!!! So thrilled your Pain stepped to the side, giving you time for this moment!!!

    I would LOVE to see more photos of this moment---you are truly beaming and filled with Love... Thank you Lord for giving this time to Judi!!!!

    We need to catch up... Just take, martha

  2. SO good to read this! Yes, my face says it all in that photo--joy, joy, joy!! Love to you--and want to catch up too!