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Wednesday, October 16, 2013


I’m excited to say that the renovation of my blog is complete!  

Hip... Hip... Hurray! 

I have made several changes and updates to it, which I hope you will enjoy!  

~   I made some overall color and organization changes to simplify it and to brighten things up.

~   I rewrote every tab and  included new pictures that I think you will enjoy. 

~   There are two new tabs as well: “Stories, Poems, Etc by Judi”, and “Valuable Resources”. 

~   I reviewed every single posting for content, clarity, and made sure all the links worked. 

~    I was also able to get rid of some of the bugs in both the “Comments” (now called the “I Want/Need Your Comments” tab, and the “Contact Me” tab.  I hope you will take advantage of both!

~   Through the help of my computer “Yoda”, (thanks so much, Neil) I finally have the “email sign-up” working again!   It will arrive, containing part of the posting in it, along with an easy link to take you to the site so you may read the whole posting. 

I hope you will sign up to receive e-mails right now 
so that you will receive an email every time I post! 
(All emails are anonymous--I do not receive a list. 

I’m thrilled that work is over so now I can get back to doing what I love to do--posting!

So, sign up and visit when your email arrives next week!

God is bigger than our pain!


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