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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

“Christmas in Heaven”

A friend’s mother died last week, and looking for a way to comfort 
her, I found this poem I wrote soon after my dad died. 

I am posting it today, hoping it will comfort others who are missing loved ones this Christmas. I am praying especially for you now. 

                      “Christmas in Heaven”

I wonder what it’s like in Heaven, 
When Christmas time is nigh;
Do they rock the little babies, 
With a special lullaby?

Do the angels laugh and retell,
  How they scared the shepherds half to death?
Or is Heaven hushed and quiet at Christmas, 
Barely a whisper on each breath.

Does everyone stand a little taller at Christmas,
as they proclaim their praises to the King?
Or, does the light from God shine even more brightly, 
As together their voices sing?

The Word says we’ll see everything clearly,
Once we meet our savior there;
That sorrow, pain and suffering,
Never more our lives will bear.

The sting of death forgotten;
A life of joy lived without refrain;
United with our Father God—
No doubt, no anger, no shame.

I’m thinking more about Heaven,
Because it’s my dad’s first Christmas in glory;
I’ll bet he’s enjoying every single moment,
And hanging onto every story.

It brings me comfort to imagine him there;
  And knowing that someday I will be too;
Living forever, with my dad and my Savior;
  Up there beyond the blue.

By Judi Coleman
Written in 2005, in memory of my dad, Byron N. Spear

God Bless You,


“Merciful and faithful Lord, because of Your great love,
 we will not be consumed for Your compassions never fail. 
They are new every morning; great is Your faithfulness.
She will say, “The Lord is my portion; therefore, I will wait for Him.”

Lord, You are good to those whose hope is in You; to those who seek You.”

Lamentations 3:22-25


  1. What a beautiful tribute written for your Dad and all the "Angel Dads in Heaven"~~~my precious Daddy arrived there in 2003, and while I know he is with the LORD--oh how I still miss him so very much.. As I write this response, a dear friend is with her beloved Uncle who is near his time of passing. He is a gentle spirit, always kind and loving. My heart tells me He would be the first one to pay homage to our KING in Heaven......

    Thank you for this Judi--a wonderful reflection upon Heaven.

  2. They stay with us always, don't they. I am thankful for the memories they leave…and that we will see them again! Love you, friend.