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Thursday, January 23, 2014

God Provides!

Well, as I always say…I am consistently inconsistent.  I was half way in writing this week's post about getting the right diagnosis…when another shockingly cold system marched eastward. My head hasn't allowed me to write…

….However, God  provided, as He always does! 

A small group at our church called to see if they could bring dinner over for us!  Wow!  That was awesome!

Then…look at this picture!  A precious woman who has struggled with years with migraines, cooked and froze all this food for us just today.  Can you believe it!  Warren hasn't see it yet, and may cry when he sees that it includes a home-made peach pie!! 

We have been given far more abundantly than all we ask….Ephesians 3! 

Other “gifts” despite...and through the pain:

I was able to minister to three women, which is always a blessing as much if not more for me, write some brief notes long overdue, and have  played around in my new "art nook" which Warren helped me pull together while he had a few days off after Christmas. I'd put a photo in here but it's such a mess..maybe later.

I am (weakly) attempting to draw and paint.  Below are the things I did this week, to show you how I really am purposely making art part of my pain management program. 

Sunsets I am practicing for a larger painting..I’ve just learned a new way through youtube so these aren’t going to be my method... I am using bucket-loads of paint! (Sorry, Warren.)

Add caption
I wound up turning all my little practice ones --
size of notecards into notes to mail!

My best one…but skies aren't supposed to look striped, are they!

Portland Light---small - just 6 by 9 inches…I'm ready to paint this, though I will be adding the rocky ledges, flowers, wood fencing, and, of course, the ocean.  
Who knows how it will turn out?

Lastly, a rough sketch of my grand, June, two summers ago.  I've worked and worked on it, but it's still not right.  I've just found out about how to use a graph method…I should have taken the time to figure that out.  I'm just too impatient, but now I'm convinced. 
 Portraits are hard!

here's the photo

here's the drawing--I brought her hair down. She still looks
 too old in this….Eyes too big; etc.  I may have to start all over!

(If you are an artist, remember that all great artists began their life scribbling!)

Have you found an activity that you so enjoy it quiets your pain for a while?  I highly recommend it!

I’ll get back on track soon with my postings...God willing!

Blessings and Grace to you, my comrades in pain!


p.s. forgive any typos or other errorstyped while pain's grip tightened. hope it's not too badly written!


  1. Judi~~When I saw the Weather forecast, my heart sunk because I feared what was coming your way and worried about you! But it was me who got the suprise---our weather systems take time in getting here but when they do--well lets just say it comes roaring in and last night I struggled with major Pain in both legs--aching from the knees down and it kept growing, growing~~~finally the Weather Front "blew in" and my Pain settled back into a manageable level.

    My blog seemed to "pull" at me and so I posted during the long hours last night (sleep did not come until after 5:00AM) --writing helps--some. I thought about all who are suffering with Pain and realize coping skills differ for everyone, I have started QUILTING---something I watched my Granny do when I was very young, and for some reason its really pulling at me. There is a class starting here soon and I will attend--but my NECK is a warning that I might not be able to complete the course --and thats okay if I can't.

    I notice when my hands can stay busy~~the Pain doesn't go away, but its almost as if Pain is looking over our shoulders and watching to see what we are doing that helps us still feel human, useful, ALIVE!! An example--the lovely gesture of FOOD coming to your home--when I saw those cool-looking labels~~I thought "someone very creative" found a Neat way to "Show the Food off" instead of the usual containers, Another person who deals with Pain--pushed herself to reach out and help YOU!!! God will guide each of us--all we need do is "Let Go & Let God!"

    Judi--you are a Budding Artist!! Seriously~~your work already speaks for itself and I pray The Lord will help you find those days of Strength so you can keep this going! Love the Lighthouse and truly adore your little Grandchild... I would not change a single thing. Love you!!

  2. Love that you are quilting! Want to see photos!! Yes, we are going to keep going!!