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Monday, March 17, 2014

"Maybe I'm not the Mimi I Thought I Was"

I adore my grandchildren. My life has been enlarged wonderfully because they are alive!  When I am with them, little rivers of joy run through my veins.  

Who could resist this little bug of heart-stretching goodness!  

                ...Or this pint-sized portion of smooch-a-liciousousness! 

I like to think I’m a good "Mimi";  however, I caught myself doing something Thursday that has given me reason to question myself...

"Doddle Bug" and "Mooser" --our nicknames for our grands; along with my too-wonderful-for-words DIL,  visited last week.  It was fabulous as usual--grands had us laughing the whole time. 

Well, the time had come for them to head home. I helped my DIL pack the 300 pounds of kid-mandated paraphernalia into their car. (--my best work out all year so far--) gave each lots of hugs and  kisses, and sadly, waved good-bye.

Maybe not so sadly. 

I walked back into my house, and began to clean up from lunch.  After a few minutes of distractedly loading the dishwasher, I realized my head was stuck on a tune the youngest grand had been “playing” on his toy guitar before he left:  “Mary Had a Little Lamb”

Without even consciously recognizing it, though, I had changed the lyrics!  This is what I was singing: 

I love it when my grandkids come;
grandkids come;
grandkids come.

I love it when my grandkids come;

"Oh, my goodness--you did NOT do that!"

Of course, I'm only trying to make you smile. I’m not worried. I do love being a “Mimi”.  One of the best parts though, as any honest grandmother will tell you is this: 

You get to have them...
...and you get to have them go home!

The thing about demands to be felt.  
Until next time,



  1. Judi-
    Praise the LORD--what adorable grandbabies for you to treasure and enjoy--WOW!!!!! I have definitely heard the phrase of being "Glad" when they go back home with Mommy and Daddy!!! God has blessed you my dear friend and I know you will treasure these babies forever!!

    Its my first couple of days to "FEEL" like being at the computer~~~about two weeks ago, I became seriously ill--sudden, fast and BAD.... Very little memory--but the doctors felt like i probably had gotten Viral Menginitis--yet they disagreed with each other because I did not "match" all the symptoms. Had a spinal tap--no memory. Matt never left my side, staying with me in a very large private room at the Hospital--- I had gotten violently ill in the ER and for who knows why--a nurse showed up with discharge papers and my husband rose to the occasion. Refused to sign them and here is the LORD working--my pain management doctor is less than five minutes from the hospital and she jumped into the mix and Matt said the doctor could Not stop apologizing.... Got out of hospital about 4 days later and two days after that--another ER run.. Something was telling me my potassium levels were low---and they were.... My body feels like a truck hit it---and it will take time for me to regain my strength---but I was not doing that great a job caring for ME---so an fyi---the evening that I got so ill, I sat in my sewing room and suddenly--for No reason whatsoever,, I started praying and said "Lord--I know its been a long time since I got terribly sick.. Please keep illness away from me if possible, and If it comes,--please stay by my side and help me get through it...."

    A friend commented that "I had simply called God, Angels, Saints---everybody for early reporting job" ----I just know they were there beside me--each step of the way..... Please keep me in your prayers and I have you in mine...

    Amazing work Judi---truly amazing!!!

  2. WOW, friend…what you have been through. I am so sorry about it; yet so glad you were aware that God was right there, present to give you peace and comfort; and present in the people who advocated and cared for you well.

    How amazing that you had a sense about the illness before it came; it must give you added security of God's constant presence and power in your life.

    Praying for you as I sign off--