An Authentic, Sometimes Gritty, and Always Hopeful Blog for All Who Live with Severe Physical Pain

A Little More About Me

I make my home in Richmond, Virginia, and have been married to my husband, Warren, for over thirty years.  I tell people I married a mere human, who grew into a warrior when I developed severe pain. Warren has been unmovable with strength beyond anything I can imagine, in his determination to not give up on me, and to care for our family.  (I've written a post about him-- "My Husband, the Warrior") 

We have three adult children, two of whom have brought new members into the family!   We enjoy any chance we can be with our kids, particularly now that we aren't worried how they will turn out! : )  It is my joy to encourage each of them however I can--love simply expands!

My professional career was in the area of human resources and organizational design.  Mostly, I conducted workshops, and led conferences directed at helping people understand and utilize their strengths and passions.  I  worked part-time when our children were born, still in the speaking field, focusing particularly on helping managers and executives develop their public speaking skills.  I also taught at local colleges and community colleges various courses.

I stopped working altogether for a few years, to focus on family--staying just as busy if not more so!  Ironically, I was planning my re-entry, when pain arrived.  (And all this time, I thought that I had been the one in charge of my life-ha!)

Since pain began, living well has required a calmer, slower pace.  I sure wish I had paid more attention when my parents tried to teach me about flowers, trees, and landscaping...for now one of the things my life affords me is time to garden.

I also enjoy exploring the woods and forests, hiking when I can, or just being in the outdoors in general.  Well into my pain journey, Warren and I purchased kayaks and now you will find us on the James River or chasing dolphins at Va. Beach any summer or fall weekend we can grab.   I've never had a bad pain day on the water...not ever.  My best days are ones when I am completely covered with soil and/or mud. 

  A Few Photos of My Favorite Things: 



             ...and more kayaking!  
 Actually, I believe Warren is making fun of my skills!

A photo of my back yard shed and 
a few beds around it--where I love to spend time.

And a picture of my wonderful family:

And here's a more recent one… taken Thanksgiving of 2013:

Our two sons, daughter, daughters-by-love, and grands. Me, in the middle, with my perpetually crooked glasses.It's not the glasses…I believe my ears may not be placed evenly on the sides of my head! 

Have I mentioned that I love to take close up photos of flowers?  
There's something about seeing into the heart of flowers that brings me great joy: 

The biggest Tree Peony I've ever seen-- size of a dinner plate!
 A simple Daisy-- don't you love how they last forever!

A few Dogwood blooms from my backyard tree

A Blacked Eyed Susan giving rest to a lady bug 
A Pink Blush Rose with magic in its middle!

A Blue Iris I caught after light rain

A Columbine practically giggling!
This sunflower was just sitting on the side of a dusty, dirty road,
proving that you can always find beauty if you look hard enough!
A regal Bearded Iris

A sweet little Coneflower before the rabbits
devoured it in my back yard!


  1. What do you mean "Pain Day"?
    Is it physical pain? Or Emotional or psychological pain?
    Please clarify. Thank you.

    1. M-Gal….some how this never came to me via my gmail which it is supposed to--SO sorry. I hope you've visited my blog often…and will get this! Anyway, the "pain" I mostly write about is for people, like me, who suffer severe ongoing physical pain, HOWEVER, it is very difficult to separate physical from emotional. I find many people come here for emotional as well, and my own needs are around the emotional impacts of my illness. Again, sorry for overlooking your question!!