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Books I Couldn't Live Without!

The Bible

 is the book I turn to each day for help. I am constantly amazed that when I look for God, I find Him in a book!  It isn’t about becoming educated, it is a supernatural thing. I have developed an intimate, loving relationship with the Lord, which gives my life value and purpose.  

It is very, very cool.  

Along with the bible, there are six other books, I turn to over and over for help along this journey with pain:  

When God Weeps:  Why Our Sufferings Matter to the Almighty  

by Joni Eareckson Tada and Steve Estes

Besides God's Word, this is THE book that has most walked with me through my winding and wayward with horrific pain. Joni and Steve have so much experience, knowledge, and trust in God, they are able to point people who suffer to HOPE despite, and even because of, their sufferings. God has used this book as a life changer for me, and it is one of the two books I tell everyone who suffers from physical pain to purchase!  (The second book is the next one on this list.) You can find it cheap on Amazon and other places as well, no doubt!  

Streams in the Desert (Devotional)

by LB Cowman

This is the devotional I have turned to regularly during my long journey with pain.  So much so, that its pages are filled with my written cries for mercy, along with my   thanksgivings for specific ways God has broken through my pain to heal my soul. Many of its pages are smudged with tears (and coffee, which is ever present in my morning time with my Lord!)  Buy it immediately and let the truth of its words wash you afresh each morning!

A Place of Healing:Wrestling with the Mysteries of Suffering 

by Joni Eareckson Tada

About forty years ago, Joni dove into the water, and broke her neck, becoming paralyzed from the neck down. Since then, she's become a painter (her teeth and lips create her beautiful artwork) and learned to trust God in her walk like nobody's business.  A few years ago, for the first time, Joni began to experience unrelenting pain. She said that this was the absolute worst, and admitted that her faith was rocked by it.  She shares how she "wrestled with this mystery" and found healing--not physical, but in a deeper and better place--inside her soul and spirit. 

The Truth about Chronic Pain: Patients and Professional On How to Face It, Understand It, and Overcome It 
 by Arthur Rosenfeld

This was the first book I found that validated how unfairly I felt treated by the medical community at times, as well as others whom I served as an advocate.  It contains true stories about people who suffer, false assumptions of the medical community that result in pain patients often being denied the medication and other treatment they need.  This book gave me courage to begin to speak up about my needs as a patient, and about the overlooked needs of others, armed with new information and alternatives. 

When we Hurt:  Prayer, Preparation & Hope for Life's Pain 
by Philip Yancey  

A short book is an insightful glimpse into the paths of those who experience pain, from the view of a physician who specialized in treating physical pain, as well as those who are seen as outcasts, as he ministered in leper colonies.  You will be inspired by his short and thoughtful wisdoms. 

Will God Heal Me?God's Power and Purpose in Suffering  
By Ronald Dunn

The author speaks directly to questions that lead many away from trusting God over the course of their illness journey:  "Why does God seemingly choose to heal some but not others?"  In addition to one I am asked frequently:  "Why is it that God does not heal this person I love so much, who is such a good person, and has been strong in his/her faith, but suffering continues?"  This book will help you face your scary illness or prolonged suffering, as well as those who love you.  

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